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Welcome to my blog, where I talk about personal things, express opinions and reblog stuff that I like. Sorry about the mess. There are a lot of feels.

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Jon Snow and Robb Stark~

Loki and Thor. I am not fucked at all.

The Doctor and the TARDIS lol Zombies you’re going down.

later bitches, loki and me are going to asgard


Oh, I will be just fine.

The Doctor.  and based on the episode in question, Donna Noble, Jethro, and Dee Dee. 

Let’s do this shit.

Iron Man?

Could be worse. 8’|

Mugen and Jin.

WELLP maybe Jin will care enough to protect me?

Right…so….Sephiroth. He’s either the cause of the Remnants zombies, or he’s just gonna sit back and watch humanity die. :/ Jerk.

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    i think having Toothless on my side means I’l survive
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    Posted? Dick & Wally from Young Justice. If reblogging counts, then it’s Harry Potter. Either way, I think I’m good....
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    Captain America and Iron Man hell yeah!
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    Welp … Does anyone have paper? I will write my will, now.
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    Terezi and Sollux. Okay.
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    Harry Potter, I think we’ll be fine.
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    Cronus and Kankri Oh
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    eridan and feferi ….ok?
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    dean and cass i’ll be okay(i think)
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    Elsa… Yay!
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    I have the 10th doctor hell yeah
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    jeff the killer.. Yup I’m fine
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    Steve Rogers (Captain America), Dr Erskine, Howard Stark and Peggy Carter. One super handsome military man, One genius...
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    Zuko and Katara. I’m good.
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    Luna, Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny. Should be good.
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    Cas and Lucifer. So I think I’m good
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    I have an army !!! Pffftt zombies, we’re gonna be FABULOUS !!!
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    Blood+, Saya and Haji. I’M GONNA LIVE! I am so fucking set. SO. Fucking. Set.
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    Harry, Ron and Hermione. I got this shit.
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