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Welcome to my blog, where I talk about personal things, express opinions and reblog stuff that I like. Sorry about the mess. There are a lot of feels.

female/asexual/possibly pansexual/genderqueer. I don't neatly fix into boxes....unless they are very big boxes. Don't forget the airholes.

The askbox is open, but anon will be off until further notice.
The reason for this is I'm currently taking a very intense web development program that leaves me extremely stressed and I have a habit of declaring these things commonly known as 'opinions' on this blog that some people I like to call 'ignorant morons' like to be childish about.

Since I don't have the energy to deal with rabble right now, I'm leaving anon off likely until June when I'm done my course.

They're free to their opinions and I am free to have mine, but if someone wants to be ignorant about my rights to disagree about something then they'll just have to be out about it for now.

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